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Netizen to Bela Padilla: “Wala tayong ganda like Liza”; Bela reacts

Actress Liza Soberano has been the talk of the online world because of the prompt reply of a telecommunication company after the actress complained about her former internet provider. Netizens commented that just because Liza is a popular figure, the service was fast and prompt.

Actress Bela Padilla reacted to the said development by tweeting the following:

“PLDT, bekenemen! My pldt wifi doesn’t reach 1 MBPS for downloading and/or uploading everytime I test it…ONE. Face with tears of joy”

One internet user told told the Bela that she is not as beautiful as Liza so her internet provider does not give her the ‘best connection’ – “Wala tayong ganda like Liza. Hahaha,” prompting Bela to tweet back and said:

“Ay pero pangbayad ng pldt meron naman 😂”

(Photo source: Instagram – @bela / @lizasoberano)

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