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Netizens gush over Kendra Kramer: “Dalaga na si kendraaa”

Kendra Kramer, eldest daughter of celebrity couple Chesca and Doug Kramer’s latest photo caught the attention of netizens.

In Doug’s Instagram account, he posted several photos. There were photos of him with Kendra when she was still a baby and he also shared the latest solo photo of Kendra. It seemed that Doug can’t help but be emotional as he recalled the time when Kendra was still young.


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According to Doug, his journey to fatherhood was special because he chose to embrace it. He wrote:
“Reality is, like a blink of an eye, they’re grown up na. 😭
One day they’re sleeping on your tummy with their pacifier. They will ask you to carry them on your shoulders, then they will ask you to make funny faces and make jokes that will make you cry from laughter.
The journey of fatherhood is so special because I choose to embrace it. To be there for every special moment as they grow up. To guide them, to influence them, and to discipline them.
I choose to show my kids what a man should be like. That a father should love their mother unconditionally. That respect, convictions and love starts at home. The way Chesca and I do it, is that we fill their love tanks at home, so hopefully, they won’t have to look for it anywhere else, or look for it at the wrong places.
Their validation will start at home.
Children are a blessing from God.
Family is a blessing from God.
That is why we’re thankful every day to see our kids grow up beautifully.
Everything else is just a bonus.
God’s grace abounds every single day. ❤️🙏”

Netizens expressed their admiration to Kendra as they commented:

– “Dalaga na si kendraaa😍”

– “Future beauty queen ❤️”


– “She’s growing into a pretty lady😍😍”

– “Ang ganda ni Ken, future Miss Universe ng Philippines 🇵🇭 🥰😍”

(Photo source: Instagram – @dougkramer / @clairkendrakramer25)


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