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Netizens react to Jillian Ward’s passport photo: “Crime: too beautiful”

Actress Jillian Ward captured the attention of most netizens after she posted a photo of her passport. Netizens find the said photo beautiful and alluring.

Her fans and followers can’t help but admire and praise Jillian for her simplicity yet glamorous look.

On Facebook, Jillian simply said:

“Got my passport!”

Netizens shared their opinions by posting the following comments:

– “”Most Wanted Crime: too beautiful.!!”

– “happy passporting! ☺️ the evidence of having you are myeverything Mrs.jillianwardcapili asawako. hahah ”

– “Happy trip and keep safe”

– “Absolutely gorgeous!!!my idol. Jillian”

– “Goodluck doc analyn happy trip”

(Photo source: Facebook – @Jillian Ward)

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