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Netizens react to KC Concepcion’s new photo: “Respect your self”

Actress KC Concepcion is frequently criticized by netizens for her sexy outfits. Some netizens find it so revealing while some find it sexy. For KC, it’s simply an expression of who she really is and what she believes in. Her fans and followers understood what she meant about it, but there are really those who thinks otherwise.

On her Instagram account, KC was talking about reading up on jewelry history and posted a photo:

“Feeling enriched today, like I’ve transported myself to a different era. All day I’ve been reading up on jewelry history, the lives of jewellers, jewelry design. I’ve always been magnetized by the 1920s Cartier Art Deco era, Indian royal treasures, Maharajah architecture and Mughal motifs… All this makes me feel some typa way… gives me tingles I don’t get from anything else, other than perhaps music, or romance. ♦️✨

I (surprisingly) also recently learned that Art Deco was my great grandfather, Juan Arellano’s aesthetic throughout his architectural career. I wish I could have known his heart. Picked his brains. Watched him work. Perhaps our ancestors influence what and who we gravitate towards, and were once moved by similar people and things that touch us today”

The photo got mixed reactions from netizen and here are some of their comments:

– “Unbecoming pose for an ambassador of WFP. You don’t need to post such picture not unless your doing a commercial for Alcohol or posing for racy magazine. Respect your self kc.”

– “Careful dear ure gaining wt again”

– “No need to show too much skin…. your face is pretty enough.”

– “You’re such a beautiful lady❤️”

– “ang ganda and ang talino pa!!!!nakakainis!hahahaha💕💞❤️”

– “My idol forever your gorgeous Ms kc. 😍😍😍Takecare and God bless you more❤️”

(Photo source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)

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