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Ogie Diaz voices concerns over using garbage trucks in transporting relief goods

Radio broadcaster and talent manager Ogie Diaz published a Facebook post regarding his apprehensions with using an old garbage truck for transporting relief goods around an unspecified barangay in Quezon City.

“Para kang nagbigay ng sinigang sa kapitbahay na nakalagay sa orinola, tapos, sasabihin ng nagbigay, “Nilinis ko naman yan.””


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(It’s as if you gave your neighbor some soup in a chamber pot and you said, “Oh I cleaned that anyways.”)

“Feeling ko, hindi aware dito si Mayor Joy Belmonte. Feeling ko, barangay ang nakaisip nito.”

(I feel that Mayor Joy Belmonte is not aware of this. I feel that this initiative came from the barangay.)

“So ending: bugbog na naman sa bashing si Mayora niyan.”

(In the end, it’s Mayora who will endure the brunt of being bashed.)

This raises legitimate concerns regarding hygiene and sanitation for the relief goods, which is especially important during this pandemic.

(Photo source: Facebook – @ogie.diaz.5)

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