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Pauleen Luna shares what she prays for the year 2021

Actress and TV host Pauleen Luna expressed her thoughts and opinions regarding the year 2020 as she shared what she is praying for the year 2021.

In her Instagram account, Pauleen shared a photo of her with her husband, kapuso star Vic Sotto and their adorable daughter, baby Tali. Pauleen shared that even though the year 2020 was tough, she chose to move forward. Pauleen also shared what she is praying for the year 2021 as she wrote:


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“This year, we were all tested, we were all challenged. No matter what the degree of difficulty is, we were definitely face to face with problems. Now 2020 may have been tough, as i also had my own personal battles, but i choose to move forward. In this life, we are always given a choice. To do right or wrong, to expect or to become, to be optimistic or pesimistic, to understand or to judge, to help or complain, to play victim or to move forward. I learned that outlook in life is so important especially with this pandemic. We don’t get to choose what we see but we get to choose what to look at.

I pray that this 2021, we stop saying “2021 please be kind to us” and start saying “let’s be kinder to others and to ourselves this 2021”. Let us thank the Lord for the daily blessings He gives us, blessings that we normally take for granted. Let us always be grateful no matter what situation we’re in. We’re alive, we’re healthy and we’re approaching a new year! Let’s hug our family and tell them we love them. Remember, a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. I know one day soon, everything will be okay ✨”

(Photo source: Instagram – @pauleenlunasotto)


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