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Philippine Medical Association expresses support to Siargao doctor mentioned in Yeng Constantino’s vlog

The Philippine Medical Association expressed its support to the doctor mentioned in singer Yeng Constantino’s social media posts and YouTube vlog following the accident her husband experienced during their vacation.

In Yeng’s posts, the singer accused the doctor of seemingly taking the situation lightly and mentioned how the hospital lacked of equipment to attend to their patients.


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In a statement, the Philippine Medical Association expressed their support to the doctor and wrote: “The Philippine Medical Association stands in full support of Dr. Esterlina Luzares Tan, a Life Member of PMA, against the statement of Ms. Yeng Constantino in the recent incident in Dapa Siargao Hospital.

Dr. Esterlina Luzares Tan’s calm and composed attitude during the incident is commendable.

Her extra effort to study how to operate an Infra Scanner, a new modality in her area, to ensure that Ms. Yeng Constantino’s husband does not suffer from any intra cerebral hemorrhage which may be obtained from cliff diving, is also admirable.

The Philippine Medical Association will not allow its members to be subjected to unnecessary shaming while doing their duties, which is to save lives.”

Yeng has earlier apologized to the doctor and the people who were affected by the issue and has since taken down her social media posts and YouTube vlog relating to the incident.

(Photo source: Instagram – @yeng/ Facebook – @tribunephl)

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