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Pokwang: “yung kano na kilala ko bonjing ng nanay nya”

Actress Pokwang posted a video where in Pastor Ed Lapiz was talking about ‘irresponsible husbands.’ The said video was titled – “Men are created by their Mothers.”

According to Pastor Ed, mothers should teach their kids especially the male kids on how to become responsible husbands and responsible fathers.

On Instagram, Pokwang captioned her video with:

“tabi tabi po….. real talk lang po….. tamaan wag magagalit….”

A netizen the commented the following:

“Sobrang totoo! saksi ako.. “How they were raised is how they will love.”

To which Pokwang replied:

“yung kano na kilala ko bonjing ng nanay nya hahhahahaa”

The same netizen then reacted:

“ahhh naka kapit po pala sa palda ng nanay, wag na po tayo magtaka Mamang @itspokwang27 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ parang same din po ng kakilala ko”

To which Pokwang said:

“haahahahaa pati pang child support na di updated ahhaahaa nanay lahat!!! inutil deba?”

(Photo source: Instagram – @itspokwang27)

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