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President Duterte threatens to stop Facebook operations in PH

President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to stop the operation of Facebook in the Philippines after the social media giant took down “advocacy” pages of the government.

“Facebook, listen to me. We allow you to operate here hoping that you could help us also. Now if government cannot espouse or advocate something which is for the good of the people, then what is your purpose here in my country?” said the President.

“If government cannot use it for the good of the people, then we have to talk. We have to talk sense. If you are promoting the cause of the rebellion which was already here before you came, and so many thousands of my soldiers and civilians dying, then if you cannot reconcile the idea of what your purpose is or was, then we have to talk. I don’t know what I will do, but we have to talk.” Duterte said.

(Photo source: Youtube screengrab – @Rappler / Facebook)

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