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Ria Atayde opens up about her health condition after her spine surgery

Actress Ria Atayde gave an update regarding her health condition after she had a spine surgery due to a slip disc.

In Star Magic’s ‘Black Pen’ media conference hosted by her, Ria was asked regarding her health condition. Ria happily shared that she is ‘doing good’ and she is recovering well after her operation. According to Ria, she was able to work better.

“It really made me feel like I am brand new again although after surgery, there is still some pain on my lower back. I’m able to work better already. Actually I really had it done para I could act properly. Ang hirap kasing iniisip na may body pain ka tapos a-acting ka pa. Ang hirap nun, I promise…” Ria shared.

“I’m 2 months and 13 days post op. and I have an appointment again in 5 days.”
So far so good. Nothing is wrong naman. Although there is still heaviness but I am okay. I am off painkillers already…We’re doing good..” Ria added.

(Photo source: Instagram – @ria)

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