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Ricci Rivero confirms breakup with Andrea Brillantes

Fans and followers of basketball star Ricci Rivero and actress Andrea Brillantes were saddened by the news that the couple has decided to go their separate ways.

Ricci and Andrea started their relationship sometime April 2022 when the basketball star publicly asked Andrea to be his girlfriend following their team’s winning game. Andrea then picked the shirt that answering “YES”

Andrea then tweeted: ““First time kong manood ng UAAP di ko inaasahang mag kaka boyfriend pa ako 😭💓 Grabe naman yun Lord!🥹 04.09.22″

On Twitter, Ricci posted the following:

I own up to the mistake of not making my relationship status public because I felt there’s no need to add up to what were going through.

Please respect our decision to keep it to ourselves so that we can preserve whats left of our friendship. I hope let’s stop creating your own versions and dragging other characters into these false accusations.

I am sorry for whatever disappoinments it may have caused you – for everyone’s peace of mind, please allow ourselves to heal and move on peacefully without hate and pain”

Netizens expressed their disappointment over the said development. Andrea and Ricci trended on Twitter after the announcement.

(Photo source: Instagram – @blythe)

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