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Ruffa Gutierrez clarifies ‘ILY’ tweet for Herbert Bautista

Actress and former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez was being intrigued again by her tweet involving senatorial aspirant Herbert Bautista.

Ruffa and Herbert were being romantically linked with each other but both RUffa and Herbert kept silent about the said rumors.

In a recent tweet, Ruffa posted photos of Herbert’s campaign material and caption it with ‘ILY’ which some interpreted it as ‘I Love You.’

Ruffa clarified what ‘ILY’ means in a tweet:

“HERBERT “BISTEK” BAUTISTA, Senador ng Kabataan. @Bistek858

ILY Love-you gesture

In another tweet, Ruffa posted the following:

“ILY stands for Internet, Livelihood and Youth. Smiling face with open mouth I’m supporting @Bistek858 ‘s candidacy.”

(PHoto source: Instagram – @iloveruffag)

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