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Sofia Andres on having a baby girl: “honestly mahirap pala pag babae yung anak”

Actress Sofia Andres and boyfriend Daniel Miranda officially launched their YouTube channel due to public demand. Sofia shared her realizations on having a baby girl. It was recalled that last June, she introduced her child, Zoe Natalia.

In their first YouTube vlog, Sofia and Daniel answers questions from netizens. One netizen asked them about their daughter “You’re daughter is so beautiful. Do you think when she grow up she’ll make a lot of boys cry?”.


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Sofia answered the question first by sharing her realizations on why her parents where strict to her before.

“Honestly mahirap pala pag babae yung anak. Ngayon ko lang narealize na yung parents ko dati strict. Parang hangang sa nag rebelde ako and all of that, bakit bawal ganito ganyan. Tumatakas ako ng bahay.” said Sofia.

She also revealed that her parents doesn’t like Daniel for her because he looked like a ‘chicboy’.

“Ngayon ko naiintindihan when I saw my dad na parang ‘bawal kang lumabas ng house.’ Ngayon ko lang naiintindihan na bawal siyang mag phone. bawal siyang may katxt. Naku dyusko ang sakit ng ulo ko. Ngayon ko lang na realize. Pero sa cute niya, feeling ko marami namang magkaka crush.” added Sofia.

(Photo source: Instagram – @iamsofiaandres)


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