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Sunshine Cruz responds to hater saying “Walang natulong puro pakitang gilas halatang papansin lmang…”

“Walang natulong puro pakitang gilas halatang papansin lmang.. extend your help un ang kailangan ngaun hindi ung puro pa curve.” – a flaming bash which gains a feast of both positive and negative reactions from netizens targets actress Sunshine Cruz.

The ‘Love Thy Woman’ actress kills it with kindness as she responds with an advice instead. “promoting health and wellness at this point in time is NEEDED.”


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More than the hater’s comment, Cruz’s response gained 300 likes more than the negative comment she received. A professional and dignified way of dealing with haters and bashers is what she showed.

(Photo source: Instagram – @sunshinecruz718)

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