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Super Tekla on their new house: “sagrado na tong bahay na toh”

TV hosts and comedians Donita Nose (‘Rodello Juntos Solano’ in real life) and Super Tekla (‘Romeo Librada’ in real life) together with their family and friends had an intimate house blessing for their new townhouse.

It can be recalled that Donita and Tekla recently got a townhouse for vlogging to which they called, “House of Tandem”.

In their latest YouTube vlog, Donita and Tekla showed their fans and followers how they celebrated the blessing of their house.

“Siyempre blessing toh, kaya blessed kami na kasama namen mga closest friends naming” said Donita. The duo also organized a game called “Eat Bee” to which the guests should answer some questions correctly before they get to eat.

Before the end of the video, Donita and Tekla sent a message as they expressed their gratitude.

“ito na tayo parang sacred na toh. Sagrado na tong bahay na toh… kumbaga, medyo malayo na sa mga ano…This is not the house, this is a home already.” Tekla said.

“Oh my God ang ganda nun oh. A house is not a home actually, tama. When you say house, bahay lang yan. But when you say there is love, there is understanding, there is caring” Donita said. “Yeah, there is God” Tekla added.

(Photo source: YouTube – Donekla in Tandem)

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