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Toni Gonzaga answers Paul Soriano: “what would make you walk out of this marriage?”

Actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga gave her honest answer when her husband, director Paul Soriano asked her if what would make her walk away from their marriage.

In Toni’s latest YouTube vlog, Paul asked several questions to Toni for her birthday episode. One of the questions asked by Paul was “what would make you walk out of this marriage?” To which Toni answered “I would be honest with you Paul. I would walk out of our marriage if one day you wake up and you tell it, to my face ha, you tell me to my face that you don’t love me anymore.”


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“No, if you tell me that ‘Tine I’m not happy with you anymore’. But I have to give you that respect and that space that you need to find your own happiness. I think I need to respect you and respect myself that if a person doesn’t love me anymore. Hindi ko na ipipilit yung sarili ko.” Toni added.

Toni clarified “feeling ko you have to respect yourself enough to walk away from something who doesn’t need you anymore in their life. Parang feeling ko yun ako….. if you tell me na ‘Tine I am done with the marriage’. That’s my cue, pack up yun na that’s my cue. Okay sige pack up, it’s a wrap.”

(Photo source: Youtube – @Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano)


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