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Vice Ganda pokes fun at Karla Estrada’s 1st anniversary photo

It is a common knowledge that actor Vice Ganda and actress Karla Estrada are good friend on and off the screen. They normally throw jokes at the each other that sometimes people thought they are for real. The two have gone a long way even before they reached their celebrity status.

Karla recently celebrated her first anniversary with boyfriend Jam Ignacio. The romantic celebration comes with flowers and candles. Vice then saw the opportunity to cracked a joke on Karla.


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“”Magakakasunog pa dahil sa mga kaharutan mong yan e!!!!! Patayin mo na ung mga kandilaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Ang landi landi mo!!!”

To which Karla reacted: “hahahaha hahahhahahaha hoy!!!! Ingiteraaaaaaaa!!!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @praybeytbenjamin / @karlaestrada1121)

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