WATCH: Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco get naughty in their ‘fast talk’ video

WATCH: Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco get naughty in their ‘fast talk’ video

Celebrity couple Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco showed their naughty side as a couple in their recently uploaded ‘Fast Talk’ vlog on their YouTube channel.

In their video, both Melai and Jason prepared a set of questions for each other which include random things related and non-related to their relationship as husband and wife.


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Among Melai’s questions for Jason include: “Top or down?”

Jason then answered: “Down.. Mas maganda sa ilalim. Nasa ilalim para kita mo ang nasa itaas.”

Jason also gave a series of questions to Melai which include: “Maingay o tahimik?”

Melai answered: “Gusto mo sagutin ko? Tahimik. Baka marinig ng mga bata.”

Melai and Jason tied the knot last 2013. The two developed their romantic relationship after they both joined the Kapamilya reality television show ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ where Melai was hailed as ‘Big Winner’.

It can be remembered that the couple had an issue regarding their marriage last 2016 which resulted to their split. The two later got back together which was followed by Melai’s second pregnancy. They now have two daughters named Mela and Stela.

(Photo source: YouTube – Melason Official Youtube)

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