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WATCH: Solenn Heussaff teaches Nico Bolzico how to pronounce their baby’s name correctly

Actress Solenn Heussaff and her husband Nico Bolzico just had the best New Year celebration as they welcomed their baby girl Thylane Katana last January 1.

While the couple returned to their home in Taguig with their baby girl, the new dad has been making all the efforts to not only take care of his daughter but also to pronounce her name correctly.


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In a video he shared on his Instagram account, Solenn and Nico were seen having a tutorial where the actress taught her husband how to pronounce their baby-s name.

Amid having a hard time, Nico tried his best to say his baby’s name.

He wrote in the video’s caption: “Second Episode of #LearningWithBolz. This is a follow up tutorial for all of you to remember how to pronounce Thylane properly with a little trick that will help you remmeber!

@solenn not too pleased with the outcome but for me it is closed enough.

Note to future Thylane: sorry baby #ElPadre is doing all these silly videos w your name, it is just for fun and as soon as you can talk you can ask me to remove them. For the records, your mama approved them also.

#SosBolzProducciones #BabyBolz”

(Photo source: Instagram – @nicobolzico)

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