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Xian Lim shares update on his grandmother’s condition; flaunts clown collection

Actor Xian Lim shared an update on his grandmother’s health condition. It was recalled that last August, Xian made an emotional video as he announced that his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In his Instagram account, Xian posted photos of him with his mother and grandmother. The said photos were taken inside the room that he arranged for his grandmother. The said room was built to store his grandmother’s clown collection.


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Xian wrote “Wish granted for my lola ❤️ She is now recovering and we’re waiting for the doctors to give a go signal for her Chemotherapy. Before we brought her to the hospital, I asked her what she wanted para mapabilis ang balik ng lakas niya and she told me that she wanted to see her clown collection in one place. This is the final product and she was thilled and excited to see it all on display”

Xian also shared that his grandmother’s next request is to frame all her cross stitch. He wrote “My lolas next wishlist for me is to frame all her cross stich😅😅😅…..All 150+ works that accumulated through the years! Mukhang kakayanin naman 😅❤️”

(Photo source: Instagram – @xianlimm)


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