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Alessandra de Rossi “requests” for a car, house and lot from Assunta’s husband Jules

Actress Alessandra de Rossi greeted her brother-in-law Jules Ledesmas a happy birthday. Alessandra thanked Jules for loving and accepting her family just like her own family. Alessandra then joked about asking Jules if it is possible for him to give her one of his used cars, a house nad lot by the beach.

After making the joke, Alessandra clarified that only the 1st and last part of his message were true.


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She also wished Jules good health and expressed her excitement to see Jules and sister Assunta’s first baby.

“My dear brother,

Happy birthday to you @julesledesma. 🙌🏻🦄 Masyadong maganda tong handwriting mo, I cannot! Thank you for loving us and accepting us as the other ledesmas.

Ang wish ko sayo ay regaluhan mo ako ng car mo na luma, house and lot by the beach na 55k hectares or bigger, okay din kung may kalakip na waterfalls at cave. Kung makakahanap ka ng unicorns na pwede ko alagaan. Okay din!

Ingat ka palagi! Stay healthy! I Cannot wait for the baby! ❤️☝🏻 Yung first and last part lang yung totoo. 😂 @assuntaledesma”

(Photo source: Instagram – @assuntaledesma)


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