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Andrea Brillantes: “laging kami ang pinaglalaruan”

Andrea Brillantes and Ivana Alawi did a collaboration and spent a day together just having fun. The vlog started with the two waking up and start having breakfast.

The two then decided to visit a mall and went inside an arcade center to show their competitive side.

The exchange of the two got the attention of most netizens. The conversation goes like this:

Andrea: We’re going to play games na…

Ivana: We’re gonna buy toys

Andrea: We’re gonna buy toys kasi lagi kami yung pinaglalaruan eh.

Ivana: Lagi kasi kami pinaglalaruan so we’re just gonna play na lang.

Andrea: Gusto ninyo iyon di ba? yung play play lang di ba? playtime lang? Kami na magpe-playtime.

Ivana: Bal, yung pinagdadaanan mo… lets go.

(Photo source: Youtube screengrab – @Andrea B.)

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