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Andrea Brillantes talks about her sacrifices in life: “magugutom yung family ko”

Actress Andrea Brillantes is not your typical teenager who would just enjoy the fruit of her career – buying luxurious things for herself and others.

Andrea sacrificed a lot for the sake of her family.

One of which is going to a fancy school just like her friends but she chose not to for the sake of her family. In her interview with L’Officiel Philippines, Andrea said:

“Mga nepo baby at sosyal ‘yung mga friends ko noon. So syempre mai-imagine mo ‘yung pressure na dumikit sakin bilang bata na breadwinner ako, tapos sila, they don’t have to pay for rent, bills.” said Andrea.

“Kaya ko naman pag-aralin ‘yung sarili ko sa private schools katulad nung friends ko,” she says, “Pero in order to do that, magugutom ‘yung family ko.” Andrea added.

Andrea did not regret her decision and doesn’t resent her family but admitted that she almost quit showbiz. “”Kasi ang hirap, honestly, sobrang hirap maging artista.” Andrea said.

“Ngayon naman, ako yung nape-pressure sa mga girls my age na parang nag-e-enjoy lang. So if titingnan natin lahat, tama lang kung nasan ka, tama lang kung nasan ako,” said Andrea.

(Photo source: Instagram – @blythe)

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