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Andres Muhlach admits he is ‘NGSB’

Andres Muhlach, the good looking son of actors Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales admitted that he never had a girlfriend since birth. In other words “No Girlfriend Since Birth” or NGSB.

Andres made the admission during a media conference for his contract signing with Viva Artists Agency.

“I haven’t had a girlfriend my whole life, really. I’ve tried to date. I went on a few dates in my life, but ended up going on the relationship level? It never really reached there,” started Andres.

When asked what he is looking for in a girl, Andres said:

“It’s just someone that I can enjoy spending time with, someone that can make me laugh. Also, another important thing is that, a girl that is very God-fearing, and puts God first in her life. It’s a big factor for me, because that just shows me the fundamentals of how this person is intact.”

Andres clarified that he is not looking for one right now, for work is his priority.

“I’m not saying that I’m looking for one right now but I’m more focused with work, really, right now,” Andres said.

“In time, it will come, the right time. She’ll be there for sure. Sana, ‘di ba? But, yeah, I’m just more focused on my work right now,” added Andres.

(Photo source: Instagram – @Nherz Jane)

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