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Angelica Panganiban to her friends: “walang gulatan kung lumayo loob ko ha”

Actress Angelica Panganiban seemed to have something to say about her friends who failed to say hi or asked about how she is doing after giving birth.

In an Instagram Story post, Angelica revealed that most of her friends simply want to see her baby and not really to check on how she is doing or her condition on how she is recovery from her hip injury.

Angelica posted the following:

“Hmmm… until now hindi pa rin ako madalas kumustahin ng mga ferson. All they want is to see my baby. But not really ‘visiting’ me,”

Not a single text on how’s my hip injury. If I still have postpartum blues? But nasasanay naman na ko,”

Pero walang gulatan kung lumayo loob ko ha!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @iamangelicap)

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