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Are Sue Ramirez and Javi Benitez Dating?

Are Sue Ramirez and Javi Benitez dating? This is the common question that anyone might ask after the politician’s son shared a photo of him and actress, Sue Ramirez while holding hands.

The two are wearing their swimming attires where the lady is looking sexy on her two-piece. Javi said:


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“Can I call you sometime?” This might sound too short but it sounded meaningful. A lot of netizens are asking about the real score. One Youtuber @ jamiiguel sounded like he is confirming something when he said, “happy ako para sa inyo @javibenitezzz & mars @sueannadoodles ❤️❤️❤️ #SueVi 😋”

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Can I call you sometime?

A post shared by Javi Benitez (@javibenitezzz) on

Although there is no official confirmation, action speaks louder than words. Fans are waiting for the revelation of the two.

(Photo source: Instagram – @javibenitezzz / @sueannadoodles)

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