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Bea Alonzo ‘naloka’ sa kasal at panganganak prediction ng isang psychic counselor

Actress Bea Alonzo asked Psychic Counselor, Niki Valdez for some predictions about her for the year 2021.

In her latest YouTube vlog, Bea together with actress Kakai Bautista asked the help of Nikki to tell her predictions in some aspects of her life for the year 2021 through Tarot card reading.

Bea said “I don’t know if you believed in predictions of Tarot card reading or anything like that. Disclaimer, we’re only doing this for fun, you don’t have to believe in it. You know parang naisip ko an episode about predictions should be my first episode for 2021.”

During her Tarot card reading, Bea asked Nikki regarding prediction about her wedding. Bea said “hindi pa ako ikakasal? Ay hindi ang tanong, ikakasal pa ba ako? Malay mo hindi….” To which Nikki asked Bea to pick four cards. Nikki said “later on pa nga. Civil yung una eh. Hindi ka church una pero medyo hidden lang.

Either 7 months from now or 7 years from now.” To which Bea reacted “7 months, hindi pwede magtratrabaho pa ako. 7 years naman ang tanda ko na nun. 40 nga…….40 pa ako ikakasal…..”

Bea also asked “magkakaanak pa ba ako?” To which Nikki once again asked Bea to pick four cards. Nikki said “supposed to be tatlo eh pero….. pero ang klaro sakin dalawa. One girl and one boy.”

Here is the video:

(Photo source: Instagram – @beaalonzo)

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