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Bea Borres apologizes for ‘insensitive’ video

Actress Bea Borres apologized for a video that was posted online and for being insensitive about her comments. The said video trended and netizens were not happy about it.

The said video was about Boss Toyo asking Bea: “sino nga ba ang “dahilan?”.

Bea then answered:

“Ako talaga. Ako talaga ‘yun. Sige na. Aamin ko na, ako talaga ‘yun! Anong gagawin ko? Ang ganda ko e.”

On Facebook, Bea issued an apology and said:

“I am sorry for any offense I may have caused for appearing in a video on Boss Toyo’s page. I acknowledge that it was very insensitive of me.

I do ask for people to remember not to judge me and my whole being based on that short video.

When I shared my sorrow about my father’s death anniversary on November 30, he faced a level of disrespect more than I could ever have imagined.

Nonetheless, I apologize for my behavior and strive to do better for all those who are with me in this journey.

I would also like to thank all those who continue to support me despite my own mistakes, and hope that we can be better people together.”

Here is the video:

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