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Bela Padilla contradicts comment of Alex Gonzaga regarding Sam Morales catfishing issue

Bela Padilla speaks up on the recent Sam Morales issue that went viral on Twitter. In response to Alex Gonzaga’s tweet, Bela explained that the nature of being a catfish is to lure them into a false sense of security, so as to create the environment ideal for hurting their victims.

“To anyone reading this.. basta ang ka-chat or katext mo di nakipagkita within a month or Video call man lang na sabay kayo dalawa pareho nakikita at naguusap sa screen.. it’s fraud.” Alex tweeted.


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Bela replied, “This isn’t always the case, Alex. The victims of these situations are kept in a bubble, so perfect, that they wouldn’t want to leave. One month will feel like a day when they condition you to think that you’re in love and loved.”

In a further series of tweets, Alex explains that she is aware of the situation and is simply taking steps to make people aware of how a catfish behaves.

“i know and understand. I know people who are victims as well. That’s why im reminding everyone if simula palang ganun na, it’s shady and fishy na. I helped one case to realize that he’s being catfished and thankfully he stopped it. Just trying to help and remind”

Alex continues to clarify her side by discussing how catfishing is a modus that takes a person’s time, emotions, and sometimes even their money.

In turn, Bela also explained that she felt the need to speak up about her statement because it may be misconstrued as blaming the victim for their situation.

“And that’s precisely why I felt the need to reply to your tweet. Jzan was so brave to speak up. I don’t want her or anybody else who went through this to think it was their fault. I mean, what factual study declared one month? But nevertheless, thank you for the warning”

The exchange ended on a positive note, with both celebrities acknowledging each other’s efforts in fighting for trans rights and against catfishing.

Sam Morales blew up on Twitter after being exposed for scheming elaborately to catfish trans women.

(Photo source: Twitter – @padillabela / @Mscathygonzaga / Instagram – @bela / @cathygonzaga)

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