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Bela Padilla reacts to claims she was rude to fans during Harry Styles concert

Actress Bela Padilla replied to some netizens who claimed that the actress was rude to them as she refused to take photos with them.

“Natatawa ako kay Bela Padilla kanina legit na ang sungit parang gusto na niyang manapak.” said one netizens.

Bela totally denied the accusations and tweeted the following:

“Because you deleted your original post and went private (and apologised personally, which I appreciate…) I will delete my replies to you. TPWK and again, be mindful of your words.”

“The irony is, I’m typing these tweets in greenbelt while people are taking photos with me as I wait for my car 😂 mas mahaba pa tinrabaho ko kay Harry sa arena, guys 😂 when I’m upset because the boundaries of my friends are compromised, i obv won’t smile.”

“I asked a few people if they could take photos after we spoke but I guess some of you guys couldn’t take no for an answer. Di nadin ako makasmile sa pagod at nahiya ako sa mga bagong kasama namin. Gets?”

“Since tinatag nadin naman ako, I’ll address this once because I hate it when lies spread around. When I was with Tracy from 3-6:30pm I took photos happily with everyone. When her cousin, and 2 friends arrived, we were having a conversation and they were uncomfy with the phones.”

“Ok, I’m gonna stop being sad about this. I went there to have fun, and I did, I screamed my heart out for Harry and went home happy. If you got to share a real moment with me, I hope you enjoyed it too (I did!) If you treated me like a fish in an aquarium, have a good life”

(Photo source: Instagram – @padillabela)

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