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Bella Padilla responds to misinterpretation about “Bela Padilla vs Alex Gonzaga over Sam Morales issue”

Bela reminds netizens on the Twitterverse to maintain a critical mind as well as a calm disposition amid backlash on her discussion with Alex Gonzaga on the Sam Morales issue.

The two had a brief exchange on Twitter regarding the nature of catfishing and the victim’s mentality. While the discussion was civil and ended on a positive note, some netizens believe that she had taken an aggressive approach to Alex’s tweets.


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“Please dont misconstrue. There is no versus here. I love Alex, I am just covering areas she didnt cover with her tweet. Twitter is a public space and the chances that one might feel left out OR singled out are huge here. We don’t condemn or only accept one point in public spaces.”

Sam Morales is a filmmaker who recently became notorious on Twitter for catfishing trans women. Many of her victims have taken to Twitter to reveal their stories and find solidarity in their experiences.

(Photo source: Twitter – @padillabela / Instagram – @bela / @cathygonzaga)

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