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Carla Abellana reacts to criticisms of her pre-loved items

Actress Carla Abellana responded to the criticisms she received in selling her pre-loved items. Some netizens accused Carla of overpricing the items and even described the items as ‘abused’ or ‘overused.’

Carla created an Instagram account called ‘Carla Angeline Closet’ where she is selling items like Hermes sandals, Gucci sneakers, Salvatore Ferragamo hair clip, a Faure Le Page keychain, Michael Kors purse, and a lot more.

In an interview with GMA Integrated News, Carla responded to the reactions made by netizens about her pre-loved items.

“I would sell something na much less naman than how much I got it for, di ba? Lalo na dahil yung condition niya depende rin doon.” said Carla.

“Well, choice naman nila iyon if they’re interested; if they want to buy it or not.” Carla added.

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