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Cassy Legaspi naiyak sa prank ni AC Bonifacio tungkol kay Darren Espanto

Kapuso star Cassy Legaspi can’t help but cry as she was worried to Kapamilya star Darren Espanto.

In a livestream of Darren with his good friend, fellow Kapamilya star AC Bonifacio, they pranked Cassy via phone call.

“What shall I say? I’ll say something about you. I’ll say, ‘Cass Did you know what happened to Darren?'” AC suggested.

“Yeah, just be like, ‘In Canada right now, he was rushed!’ Just say he was rushed. But not like the hospital. ‘He was rushed!’ like do that.” Darren told AC.

Later on, AC called Cassy as they begin their prank. During the prank call, AC and Darren tried to hold their laughter. Cassy can’t help but panicked upon hearing that Darren ‘was rushed’.

“Oh my god… I’m panicking… We were texting kaninang-kanina pa… But like… Okay… Oh my god. Okay… Oh my god, I’m panicking. I wanna do something, but he’s all the way in Canada So… Oh my god. I’m shaking. Maybe I should… I can text Lynelle. Oh my god, I’m panicking.” Cassy said.

Later on, Darren and AC told Cassy that it was just a prank as they can’t help but laugh.

“Dude, I’m shaking. Like my hands are shaking. Oh my God. I hate you. I’m tearing off. I’m legit tearing off…” Cassy said.

“Ooohh Darren, umiyak siya. Magpadala ka ng pagkain dun…” AC reacted.

“Thank you for giving me a heart attack. Ang saya ko.” Cassy said before ending the call.

(Photo source: Instagram – @cassy / Instagram – @darrenespanto)

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