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Coleen and Billy Crawford celebrate 6 years of marriage

Real life couple Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford celebrated their 6 years of marriage. Coleen and Billy got married last April 20, 2018 in a beach wedding at Balesin Island.

The couple was blessed with a lovely and beautiful daughter Amari, who turned three last September 10, 2023.

On her Instagram account, Coleen penned a sweet anniversary message for Billy that reads:

“6 years married and living our dream life together. 🤍

Throughout my life, giving up and running away has often been the easiest answer to everything. I had given up on myself, my goals, my hobbies, and even some of the people in my life, more times than I could count. And then there was you. 🤍 Thank you for being the first person to effectively teach me that giving up shouldn’t always have to be an option.

Just by being you, you’ve taught me that the most beautiful, most fulfilling things in life come with hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, discipline, constant grace and forgiveness, and a strong sense of commitment. I’ve learned to apply that in all areas of my life, and I am a much better person now because of it. Because of you. So thank you, my love! @billycrawford 💕

Thank you for always being here to help me become the best version of myself, and also for making every effort to be the best you can be for us. I look forward to growing with you every single day until we’re old and gray.

Missing you sooo much! Amari and I are counting the sleeps until you’re back home in our arms. 🥲 But in the meantime, we know you’re killing it in France! 🔥 WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @coleen)

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