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Coleen Garcia shares her plans on how to give birth to her first child

Actress and TV host Coleen Garcia shared her plans on the manner of giving birth to her first child with husband Billy Crawford. During her online interview with Tim Yap on “Tim Yap Live,” Coleen said she wants it the natural way.

According to Coleen, she initially wanted to have a water birth but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be a little difficult to do that.


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“because of COVID-19 right now, they are not doing water births in the hospitals anymore and then like right now actually the dads are not even able to accompany the moms. It’s going to be harder if that’s the case. Sana by then things will loosen up a bit – September pa naman pero right now that’s what happening eh,” Coleen said.

Here is the video interview:

(Photo source: Instagram – @coleen)

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