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Cristy Fermin compares Kathryn and Andrea: “Wala talagang binatbat”

Entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin together with Romel Chika and Wendell Alvarez discussed and compare the qualities of actress Kathryn Bernardo and Andrea Brillantes.

The two actress are the center of discussion in the entertainment industry due to some rumors going around that the relationhip of Kathryn and actor Daniel Padilla is over, and the reason is Andrea.

In their program “ShowBiz Now Na”, Wendell shared his observation between the two since he was able to meet the two in person.

After giving his observation, Nanay Cristy shared her thoughts and opinion regarding the matter at hand:

“Pero postura at postura, talagang may ilalaban ‘yung Andrea. Wala talagang binatbat si Kathryn. Tanggapin natin ang katotohanan. Paglakad, pagrampa lalong wala di ba. Model-model talaga si Andrea. Hindi siya pupuwedeng mapintasan sa ganoon,” said Nanay Cristy.

Netizens reacted to the statement made by Nanay Cristy by posting the following comments:

– “Kath is indestructible”

– “Yes flawless talaga si Andrea! Super”

– “Kasi mas maraming followers si Andrea, kaya kuno mas maganda si Andrea kay Kath. Im not a fan of either actresses btw. Just saying”

– “Kathryn is the woman most of the men would marry. Andrea is the woman any man would want to date.”

– “Iba yong ganda ni Andrea sya yong definition ng sexy malakas pa ang sex appeal. C Kath maganda simple and wife material.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @bernardokath / @blythe)

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