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Dani Barretto talks about ‘utang na loob’ sa mga magulang

Dani Barretto, daughter of actress Marjorie Barretto shared her thoughts about the topic of giving back or ‘utang na loob’ to parents.

In her latest “The Bare It All” podcast with Chardie B, Dani talked about some Filipino parents who mandates their children to give them allowance or support their siblings after they graduated and found a job.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of people, they always make excuses because they say, ‘kasi malaki yung utang na loob ko sa ganto.’ Di mawawala utang na loob mo sa tao. But I also stated that our parents raised us because the Bible says so, and legally, they’re really supposed to care for you, to put you to school, to put a roof over your head, to feed you. That’s what every parent is supposed to do.” said Dani.

“Kaya nga sabi ko yung utang na loob factor is di ka pwedeng magkaron ng utang na loob sa isang bagay na dapat nilang gawin para sayo. The other things maybe, like let’s say they sacrificed this to give you this life. I get the utang na loob factor, but kasi there are some people that uses that against people.” Dani added.

“Na parang, pina-aral kita, pina-ganto kita, ganyan ganyan, kaya dapat eto yung binibigay mo sakin. And I always say that your parent is always gonna be your parent. Di naman mawawala yung pagmamahal at respeto mo sa pamilya mo, e. But for me, that line goes beyond it. Na parang, you’re my parent, you’re supposed to do that.” Dani stated.

“Like ako, I’m a mom now. I can say that I’m required to give my kid the life that she deserves right now until she’s able to do it on her own. Diba? But not forever. But I can’t require my kid, let’s say when she has a family—I can’t require my kid na kailangan mo ako bigyan ng allowance kasi pinaaral kita. Parang, at one point, you have to fly,” Dani explains.

“Siguro let’s just boost a little bit of confidence sa mga tao [who] are still afraid to speak up. There’s nothing wrong with giving back to your parents. I am for that, okay? Like, I will give anything for my mom, like ibibigay ko lahat. So gets ko yung giving back sa parents. But there comes a point na if wala nang natitira sayo, dun na may mali, e. So gusto ko sana i-explain sa tao na, it’s okay to leave something for yourself. You’re supposed to leave something for yourself.” concluded Dani.

(Photo source: Instagram – @danibarretto)

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