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Dennis Padilla’s ex-wife Linda reacts to his interview: “kulang kulang ang padala”

Linda Marie-Gorton, the ex-wife and mother to the children of actor Dennis Padilla clarified and refuted some of the answers given by Dennis during his interview with entertainment columnist Aster Amoyo.

Dennis talked about their separation and support to his children.

On Instagram, Linda posted the following:

“First of all, consistency in child support wasn’t always the case. Through the years, there were many lapses in between. And many times I had to, and still have to persistently ask for it kasi kung papabayaan ko matagal at kulang kulang ang padala. Because I also work here, ako ang nagpuno sa mga pagkukulang na iyon. I don’t know what “madugo” meant in his statement when this is what was more or less the normal expenses for the kids even back then when we were still living together,” said Lina.

“In fact, the support he gives to the children, when spent here, lumiliit na kasi the actual cost of living in Australia is far more expensive compared to the Philippines. And not to mention they go to school here for free. No tuition fees are needed because they borth attend a public school. So less expense for him really.” Linda continued.

“Secondly, we don’t have a co-parenting setup because since we parted ways in July of 2020, we never had a formal conversation about our separation and how we will raise our kids. Basta nakakausap nya lang ang mga bata.” Linda said.

“Lastly, why Dennis and I separated goes beyond “hindi pagkakaintindihan.” It was never about financial problems. I stayed with him for almost twelve years, mayroon man kami o walang pera. I stayed for him and I stayed for the kids because I wanted a complete family for all of us. But just like most things in life, you can’t have everything you want, ” added Linda.

“In the end, if there were many new things that he learned in life just like he said, so did I. I learned more about self-worth, patience, understanding, and to only speak the truth.” Linda ended.

(Photo source: Instagram – @lindamarie_gorton)

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