Derek Ramsay hopes to be friends with ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban

Derek Ramsay hopes to be friends with ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban

Fresh from his recent break up with Joanne Villablanca, Derek Ramsay looked back how he has become friends with his former ex-girlfriends Solenn Heussaff, beauty queen Colette Centeno, and Cristine Reyes among others, hoping that he and Joanne will be in good terms as well.

But apart from Joanne, Derek also wished that he could be friends with ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban after they ended their 6-year relationship in 2012.


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Derek shared in his interview with Push: “Yes, same thing with me and Solenn, after all the hurt, we both had so much more good times, and that’s why we’re so close. Solenn is very close with my family.”

“Colette was four years of my life and we’re best friends. Ninong ako ng mga anak niya. Cristine and I, we talk, I give her advice on life. People think I had so many girlfriends, I can still count (laughs). I wish the same thing would happen between me and Angelica,” Derek added.

When asked if he would consider getting back with his exes, Derek said: “Kasi kung pinaabot mo sa ganun, nag-give-up ka na, eh, what would it stop from happening again? So for me, my take on it, it happens for a reason, huwag na nating balikan yan.”

(Photo source: Facebook – @Metro.Magazine/ Instagram – @ramsayderek07)

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