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Diego Loyzaga on marriage: “It’s a piece of paper… What do you get in the end?”

Actor Diego Loyzaga was honest enough to share her viewpoint that he does not believe in marriage. For the young actor and young father, marriage is just a piece of paper.

Diego made this admission during his guesting on Toni Gonzaga’s vlog.

“I don’t believe in marriage. It’s a piece of paper for me,” said Diego.

“Kunyari lang ah, you and me, we agree on everything. There’s not a spot or piece of line or paragraph that we don’t agree on. Absolutely everything. A hundred percent. Crystal clear. Why must we now get it written down on a piece of paper and then get someone else to bestow onto us that we are now a married couple?” Diego said.

“Ang sa akin lang kasi, is if ever we fight in the future and get to the point na ‘Ayoko na sa’yo’, ikaw galit na galit ka na sa akin. It’s not a big matter of having to go somewhere and get annulled, get divorced… It’s because I guess growing up, I grew around it so much and I got to see it so much… separation. Aside from my own parents, even people around me,” added Diego.

“So why did you have to sign a piece of paper? What do you get in the end?” Diego asked.

(Photo source: Instagram – @diegoloyzaga)

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