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Erwan Heussaff reacts to “Instagram moms” telling him how not to handle baby Dahlia

Husband of actress and TV host Anne Curtis, Erwan Heussaff reacted to “Instagram moms” instructing him on how not to handle their 4 months old daughter Dahlia.

The celebrity couple has been active with their respective social media accounts in sharing updates and activities with baby Dahlia.


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In his Instagram story, Erwan released his statement. It appeared that the instructions given by “Instagram moms” left a bad impression to him as he captioned his post:

“On another note. All the Instagram moms telling me how not to handle my baby. I feel like you are the same people that believe if you jump in the pool after eating that you’ll get a stomach ache, or even worse that your stomach might explode.

(Photo source: Instagram – @erwan)


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