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Esther Lahbati unbothered by Annabelle Rama’s post

Esther Lahbati, mother of actress Sarah Lahbati reacted to a comment by a netizens regarding the post made by Annabelle Rama.

Annabelle posted about not wanting to have problems with ‘Barbie’ doll but is ready to fight a doll named ‘Chucky.’ Netizens asked who is she referring to as ‘Chucky’, and Annabelle obliged by saying that she is alluding to someone whose name starts with the letter ‘E’ and not ‘S.’

One netizens called out the attention of Mommy Esther and said:

“Tingnan nyo po yung post ni Ms. Annabelle Rama sa facebook oh”

To which Mommy Esther replied:

“Bakit no need abala lang sa akin. Thank you.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @Sarah Lahbati)

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