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Frankie Pangilinan receives flowers after defending parents following President Duterte’s remarks

Frankie Pangilinan earlier made it to the headlines after she posted a series of tweets responding to President Rodrigo Duterte’s claims about the marital status of her parents Sharon Cuneta and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan.

In a statement, the president claimed that the megastar wants her husband out of their house to which Frankie denied.


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President Duterte said while referring to Sen. Kiko during his speech at the Bonifacio Day rites: “Pinapaalis na nga ng asawa niya sa bahay niya, ayaw kay wala ibang matirahan. Totoo. Tanungin mo. At kung sabihin mo nagsisinungaling ako, I will resign. Ang sinasabi ko totoo ‘yan.”

Frankie then responded to the president over Twitter, saying: “Imagine making yourself dinner in your tiny apartment and tucking yourself into bed with a warm blanket only to get a notification informing you your parents are arguing daw. it’s not either of your parents, it’s not your sister, not the dog,

it’s rodi.”

Frankie later shared a photo of white tulips she received with a note that says: “Hope this cheers you up 🙂”

Frankie then wrote in a separate tweet: “white tulips are my favorite. these flowers are for all of you, too. with all the love from my tired heart. huwag sumuko.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @frankiepangilinan/ Twitter – @kakiep83)

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