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Gab Valenciano na-aksidente sa US

Gab Valenciano, son of Angelique and Gary Valenciano figured in an accident on the free way. Gab went to the United States last April and planned to stay there for good.

Gab posted photos of her injuries with the following narration as to what happen:


Last Tuesday, my Tito Ranier and I spoke about me speaking and sharing my testimony in his church. A couple of moments after I left to go to him, this happened. I got side swiped on the freeway by an suv at around 75mph which launched me a good 70ft away from the collision. I was in full gear but because of the force of the impact and momentum, it burned through my jacket and pants.

This is the first accident in my entire life that I did not expect or see coming. Been riding for close to two decades and still, new unexpected experiences to learn from.

I would like to say thank you to all the drivers and riders who stopped to help me by checking up, giving me water and food. Also exchanged numbers in case I needed assistance later on. Esp @pumpkin_600 who I just met due to this incident and he stopped and stayed with me for a bit. Thank you bro!

I also want to commend all the firemen, police officers and EMTs who were professional, efficient and kind. I have never felt so safe after a major accident.

Thank you also to all my friends, family and loved ones for all the messages of encouragement and love, here and in Manila. I love you all!!

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my Tito Ranier who picked me up in the hospital and took care of me for the first few days. It’s been very tough moving around especially at night considering I have gashes on my lower and upper back, so sleeping has been tough too but all is well. Slowly but surely.

Today is Sunday and by God’s grace, I was able to speak and share my life story. With my family by my side. In all things God works for the good of those who love Him. May God bless you all today and keep you and your loved ones safe out there. All is well in His name. ”

(Photo source: Instagram – @gabvalenciano)

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