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Gov. Luigi Villafuerte to Yassi Pressman: “I want to thank the love of my life”

Camarines Sur Luigi Villafuerte in an event called actress Yassi Pressman ‘the love of my life” that made the beautiful actress happy.

Villafuerte and Yassi attended the Ironman Triathlon in CamSur where Villafuerte gave a speech.

“I truly believe pag inspired, lahat possible. Kaya I want to thank the love of my life for supporting this event. Babe, maraming-maraming salamat. Thank you, I love you so much,” said Villafuerte.

The crowd cheered the governor and even shouted ‘kiss’ which he obliged by givine a ‘flying kiss’ to Yassi.

Yassi posted the said video on Instagram with the following caption:

“aysuuuus namaaan my heart you’re the sweetest @vincenzo.luigi.”

Villafuerte responded by posting “meant every word bub.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @yasiipressman)

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