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Ivana Alawi kumita ng 10 milyon sa loob lamang ng anim na oras

Actress Ivana Alawi shared her success in selling her products online. In a press conference where she was presented as the top celebrity seller of the year, Ivana divulged that she was able to earn more than 10 million pesos in six hours.

“Nag-live ako from 6pm naatapos ako 12 am. ‘Yun yung kumita ng 8 digits,” said Ivana.

Ivana said it all started with a mere curiosity and then she realized that she can do it for her beauty products as well. SO she has been an online seller for more than a year now.

“Iba yung business, iba yung pag-aartista. ‘Pag nag-artista parang mag-iisip ka na ‘ay kailangan ko ng back up. So having a business is really important.” Ivana added.

Netizens were impressed by Ivana’s success and are encouraged to do the same.

(Photo source: Instagram – @ivanaticsdubai)

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