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Janice De Belen on staying single: “I’m really alone and I’m okay with that”

Actress Janice De Belen said that she is currently living alone and she is perfectly fine with that. Janice added that she has not plans for getting married again.

Janice and former partner actor John Estrada got separated way back 2002.

In her interview with Bernadette Sembrano for her vlog, Janice said she is used to living alone and wouldn’t want to get married again.

“Ayaw ko na talaga. Okay na naman na ako. I’m really alone and I’m okay with that. I have friends. I have school friends. I have showbiz friends. I also know ‘di mo naman sila kasama araw-araw,” started Janice.”
“They also have lives. So, you will still be alone when you go home. So, you can’t be happy with another person if you can’t be happy alone,” she added.

“I don’t want to keep needing people. Kasi okay ako, e. Kaya minsan kapag sinasabi nilang ‘okay ka ba talaga?’ ‘Oo, okay naman ako.’ And they’ll seem to doubt that.” Janice said.

(Photo source: Youtube screengrab – @Bernadette Sembrano)

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