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Janus Del Prado: “kala ko ba walang lipatan ever?”

Actor Janus Del Prado shared his thought on those who transferred stations. Janus called them ‘hypocrites.’ Janus made the statement on one of his post on Instagram.

Although he did not name names, netizens speculated that Janus was referring to the recent movements of shows on different networks.

On Isstagram, Janus posted a photo message with the following caption:

“Kala ko ba walang lipatan ever?😆

Edit para sa mga G n G😆:

At the end of the day lumipat pa din sila ng Station. Kinailangan pa rin nila yung tulong ng Station ng mga artista na binabash nila dati (lalo na yung mga lumipat) para magkaroon ng mas malaking platform. Lesson. Wag magsalita ng tapos. Bilog ang mundo.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @janusdelprado)

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