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John Lloyd Cruz gives advice to Joshua Garcia: “don’t focus too much on the confusion”

Fans and followers of actor John Lloyd Cruz can’t help but admire the life lessons that he imparted to actor Joshua Garcia.

In his Facebook page, John Lloyd posted a photo of him with Joshua. The said photo of John Lloyd and Joshua captured the hearts of netizens as it went viral. It appeared that John Lloyd gave an advice to Joshua as he wrote:

“One day everything will fall into place just the way it should be. So until then, don’t focus too much on the confusion. Just focus on improvement and betterment. Create a great life for yourself Joshua Garcia”

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

– “Lloydie, you’re still the best actor. But for joshua, continue to inspire and prosper more than you think because you’re like Lloydie and YOU ARE THE NEXT LLOYDIE OF YOUR GENERATION.💙”

– “Nice brotherly advice my love😍 joshua with a good heart will come a long way ahead he deserves someone really much better!”

– “2 great actors.Learn from the mistake of others.Love yourself first before loving others.Spend time with your family cuz they will be the first to help you when you fall.Rise and start all over again.”

– “Such a great words of motivation from you to Joshua. A very good Kuya. ❤️”

– “Parang magkuya🥰 After i watched Josh sa Paubaya MV, sumagi sa isip ko ang ganda pagsamahin Si Josh at ikaw JL sa isang heartwarming movie about family that would bring great lesson of how good relationship is as a big bro to his younger bro and vise versa. Sana. God bless sa ating lahat and keep safe as we keep going/moving on.🥰”

(Photo source: Facebook- John Lloyd Cruz)

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