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Julia Barretto naospital: “our health should always be top priority”

Fans and followers of actress Julia Barretto got a bit concern after learning that the young actress was hospitalized. No one knows the reason why Julia was hospitalized.

On Instagram, Julia revealed that she was already discharged from the hospital and reminded everyone to take their health seriously – that it should always be top priority.

On Instagram, Julia posted a couple of photos with the following caption:

“Discharged and finally home Thanks so much to my doctors, nurses and the entire medical staff for taking such good care of me the past couple of days.

Thank you for the long hours of hard work. A tough time but taking this one as a reminder that our health should always be top priority.

Sending good energy!!!”

Netizens posted their love and concern to the lovely actress on the comment section:

– “Sending you hugs and healing prayer”

– “Take care always juju. Pahinga din minsan”

– “glad you’re fine now but don’t forget to take a rest sometimes and don’t overwork yourself okay!?”

– “So happy you are home. Health is wealth. More and more rest please. God is good. Love you, Juli.”


(Photo source: Instagram – @juliabarretto)

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